Capacity Building


Stakeholders and their needs 

Fragility, conflict and security's key stakeholders are the international financial institutions and the fragile states they support, referred to as client states. The beneficiaries of the activities conducted under this framework are the people living in client states who will benefit from increased utilization of information derived from earth observation. The reason international financial institutions are being targeted is to ensure the long-term sustainability of the initiative through mainstreaming earth observation information into the long-term strategic work executed by these institutions. 


Countries affected by fragility is a particularly vulnerable category of countries with a lot of geographic information needs that are not being met. Meeting these needs is a crucial component of development efforts in these states. Preventing a fragile situation from becoming worse off is one of the biggest challenges to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in these countries.


This is why our partners will focus on capacity building activities for key stakeholders involved in projects in countries affected by fragility. The aim is to transfer the necessary knowledge and practical techniques to representatives in relevant regions, making them aware of the EO services that can be offered to them. The first workshop teaching users how to access relevant EO data took place in 2019. In 2020, our online course was published by UNITAR and made accessible to anyone who is interested. You can access the course through this link: